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Well it’s back into the swing of things pretty quick – 300 flippin’ emails, 1/2 of them were very deletable! But the holiday ended up being just one of the best. With skiing, some great hiking (see photo), some great times with the Merediths, great friends, some top reading! read Aron Rawlston’s arm cutting “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” – Wooo what a guy!
We spent a day at Victoria Markets on our last day. Now if you need to get your fill of cheese, olives, sausage, sun dried tomato, smoked egg plant, turkish breads, dips, aghhh I could go on, but needless to say our last night in Melbourne was a feast of this kind of stuff and some nice port…oh some good stories about memories from days gone by.
I am back, refreshed and ready to tackle the next chapter. No more holidays for a while…oh there is talk of a weekender with the boys to the Stirling rangers on the next full moon, some night hiking and cave dwelling!! – Love it!

Begining to put some thought into what our life, community, etc etc will look like next year. Always keen to be challenged and to try change…not that I like it when it’s happening!


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