Sorry, I left without telling

Hi world. I know I know, I have been silent!
I slipped out without telling I was moving to Victoria for 3 weeks!
The past week has been work. We have travelled far and wide on a youth ministry educational tour of lots of great ministries with 43 youth pastors from all over Oz.
The next two weeks are R&R with Christine and the kids here in Vic. We are staying with our great friends the Merediths.
I will blog more on some of my feelings as I travelled to the various expressions of church over the last two weeks…but in the meantime I need to ask a favour…if you know the weather man, can you ask for a dump of snow on Mt Buller for next week?
…and hey – I love Lygon st Melbourne, how good is the smell of hundreds of cafes in one street!!


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