A Great Day Hiking

What a great day. Mikaela (my 9 year old), Dave I, C&C and 2 of their neigbours all headed off to do that track I did a week or 2 ago up at Yanchep (The Ghost House trail).
A few others were invited but thought the rain might make their makeup run…Whooo did we disss them all day behind their backs…Woooooooosy!!!
Well – truth is it did look ugly at 8am this morning, but turned out to be shorts and t-shirts stuff all day but for a spell of rain at lunch which we had in a small cabin built for overnight camping, tables, chairs, hot coffee, tea and milo, a nice break.
We saw everything on the brochure:

  • Kangaroos
  • Black Cockatoos
  • 2 spiecies of native orchid (as being different from an orchard!!)
  • Purple Swamphens
  • An Oblong Turtle (Dave almost stepped on it!)
  • Amazing Caves, some people walked right through them!
  • Kookaburras


7 thoughts on “A Great Day Hiking

  1. Would love to have joined you Scott. Sounds like you had a great day! We had our first “church split” day today. That is, we met in the church building for half an hour and then split up into groups and headed out into the community to observe, pray and interact. Eveyone went to different spots from the dog beach to Hillarys to a Nursing home, Carine Glades and our group went into Subiaco. It was a very worthwhile morning and we have had some amazingly positive feedback so far. We took a risk and the rain made things even more difficult but once again it seems like God has blessed our willingness to step out and try to be obedient.

  2. Wow, Andrew this sounds brilliant! Well done. You have been a long term influence within the church there, on ya for taking some risks along the way.

  3. wish I had been able to come again, that track rocks! As it was, going to bed at 4am doesn’t really make going out at 9am a terribly nice thought:P Did you take a torch into that HUGE cave?

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