Preachy Sunday

Well I made the long haul out to Ellenbrook today to preach in their 10am service. I got there at about 9am, so I drove around a bit to get a feel for Ellenbrook…It’s odd, like a village, It felt a bit like that movie where everyone was happy, something “…ville”, can’t remember. I sat by a big lake thing and prayed and read a book for a while. People walked past and said ‘hi’ and even stopped and talked about the weather or what ever. I drove into the little village bit the church is in, seemed a bit like something from another world, yet is all so close. I think the future of communities will look a whole lot more like this.
Sermon on Discipleship messed with a few heads, especially the guy who said he thought it was ‘interesting’ and wanted my email address to discuss some ‘issues and dissagreements’ he had with it – WHOOO I love it!
I loved the church, low key, thinking church, you know, as in they make you think – Lots of Drs out there! They are such a great crew, I loved it, very pleasant…

Aghhh Pleasantville that was it.


One thought on “Preachy Sunday

  1. interesting little place – i get the same feeling out at brighton a bit. i wonder if they will ever (re)make current suburbs like that or if you can only achieve it in a new development, with an ability to manipulate landscape more from scratch?

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