Tuesdays With Morrie

You know the expression that ‘books choose us, we don’t choose books’? Well some time ago someone suggested I read (or watch) Tuesdays with Morrie. I called into Mum & Dad’s today and Mum handed me this book and suggested reading it. I said I would when I got to my challet in the snow in Vic in September (can’t wait!). She was mortified that this book should sit unread in my hands for so long. Like a good son, I flicked it open tonight, never really intending to finish it.
Well I did.
What a read.
I am in the middle of an assignment on discipleship, this book is an assignement in discipleship. Together Morrie, a dying man who seems more alive than any man, and Mitch, one of his former college students, meet and discuss many things including; The World; Feeling Sorry For Yourself; Regrets; Death;Family; Emotions; Fear of Aging; Money; Love; Marriage; Culture; Forgiveness; The Perfect Day; and Saying Goodbye.


“The teaching goes on” (and on…)


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