Australian Story – The Life of Brian

For the record, I thought they came over polished, positive and ‘nice’.
Brian and Bobby, I think are having the time of their life, enjoying life and ministry. I would say there are certainly some big $$$ coming in to their private company, but what happens to it is their deal…they will be accountable for it (as I will be for my wealth)…at some point in time. (now or …later!)
I would have gone their path some years ago, I would choose different these days, but I guess that doesn’t make me better or worse.

PS – I did have a link to another blog on this post but some friends (Gav and Lauren) indicated that whe they read the blog linked here, it looked similar to when you throw a chip to a pack of sea gulls…upon reflection and further reading of the linked blog – I agree with their reflection!


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