a post from johnny z

im sitting near the fire at scott v awsome pad today got up pretty early i got up at 1130 am western standed time the scotty c came at 2 to pick me up i hung out with scotty and eve amber and jeff it was cool we went looking for cars he bought a holden nova for 3000 then i practiced guitar for 1 hour and then i rang casey e at 5.24pm i think it was that time – around that time.

this is a list who i call my closest freinds that i truly love

scott vawser (he told me to wright this)

casey and charlott . e they are legends

mat b. thanks for helping though high school

scotty and eve .c

aaron l the guy from lancelin

sheldon and jodi i

chris pratt

steve and julie w about to get married

tim w

tim b

beau and nina d

cath f

regan p

jackey and rowan c

shane becks aka sticks.. the man himself from thornly

steve brown lead singer from kerb

and yoni d

untill next time
johnny z


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