Fight Club

Watched the classic “Fight Club” last night. Feel wasted. Didn’t start watching till about 9.30pm, feel like I was in the club!
Interesting, only seen bits of it before. It was a facinating look at a kind of covert underground culture. They were so sold out for their useless cause, to wreak havock, and get a rush…but then again unerneath the wreaking havock was the same anti-corporate, anti-consumer sentiment I am reading is becoming prevalent in our own society. I only hope the way we who choose to walk the anti-global giant, anti-consumer line don’t decide to go the full on anarchist, violence approach. (or is Christianarchy a walk we must take???)
But what the?? When was it that Brad Pit really was not there and really was there?? I ummm he…well you just…aghhhh


One thought on “Fight Club

  1. One of my favourites. And a very good look at the male mind and culture. I have a feeling[?] had an insightful article about the movie a few years back.

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