Did You Know…

It takes 12.2 acres of land to supply the needs of an average American. In the Netherlands the basic needs are met with the resources of 8 acres, and in India only a single acre is required. It is said that if all the world were to reach ‘the American Lifestyle’ then it would take, at their current rate of consumption, 3 planets the size of ours to support the worlds population!
Should Christians be concerned with issues of economic, environmental (or any other kind) sustainability? – I think so. My prayer today is that my lifestyle choices would use and encourage other to use less of our current ‘plot on the planet’ so as others might in some small way gain access to a bit more of what is rightfully theirs!
Info from a book I am reading called Mustard seed versus McWorld – Tom Sine


One thought on “Did You Know…

  1. did you know that the oil used to fill one tank of fuel came from over 1.6 tonnes of plants which would have covered over 1km square of land…think about what we’re actually consuming every time we fill up (info from dr carl on JJJ’s Hack)

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