Enough Rope

Once again the master interviewer has done it again. Denton interviewed 3 Christian workers. (Anglican, Uniting and Catholic)
Christine tells me I missed one of the best Dentons.
Did anyone see it?
I will pick up the transcript and maybe video steam next week on their link.

5 thoughts on “Enough Rope

  1. It was good but was left with the sense that the Anglican and Catholic guys were more interested in using provocative language to break their priestly stereotype than anything else. You are never sure how the whole interview gets edited but I didn’t feel like anyone said anything of strength. I’d be stoked if other people had a different experience.

  2. I was at a meeting but got home in enough time to see the last bit of the interview. Looked great.

    They ususally put up the transcript of the show at abc.net.au/enoughrope within a day. I’d imagine they’ll be up within a few hours.

  3. We saw it and found it to be great viewing. There’s no doubt the three “men of the cloth” were three out of the box dudes. As barrandgirl says 2 of them were keen on pushing the language envelope, which to be honest did sound a bit try hard.

    But it was great to hear their stories. I loved the Catholic father – he was a character who’s done a lot of work in south melbourne with the poor.

    Kris Kristofferson was a good interview as well….

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