Floating House

I guess I owe Youth Vision a day of work. I was ready for a day of meetings in kalamunda and admin in my office in joondalup yesterday when we got a call from my Mum and Dad saying that their washing machine pipe had burst in the night…and flooded, yes flooded their entire house. Almost every bit of floor was a puddle, no really, I know I tend to exagerate at times but there was water in, under and over pretty much everything at ground level. So this meant a day of emptying the house of all furnature, ripping up carpet, underlay, sucking up water with a giant machine that looked like a darleck from Dr Who and generally being very very wet for a day.
Insurance will cover it all, but who needs that kind of a surprise?
I was so impressed with the way Mum and Dad handled this interuption to their life, they took it all in their stride. They have done Ok in their life in terms of finance, nice house, nice stuff, but all that seems to mean little to them in a moment like that. In fact (and this is just a guess, but a good one I think!) I believe that they quite enjoyed having a few of the family there for the day, laughing and having fun together as we ripped up and threw out all their carpet, and cupboards!
It reminds me of another crisis we had in our family when I was in year 11. Dad and I sat next to each other in a hospital in Balarat Vic for 2 months. Mum, after her release from the hospital and sending my brother and sister back to Perth on a plane, would visit Dad and I in the hospital. It could go down as ‘the worst time ever’, but I would say that due to Mum and Dad’s amazing attitude and faith in God, it would go down as ‘a wonderful, scary, faith building, relationship building time’.

(PS – For all those who have been reading my blog from as far back as last November…YES, I did ask Mum’s permission to write about her, she got a preview!)


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