Mother Teresa The Movie

Yes I was there tonight to see this amazing woman put on film. I think she would probably turn in her grave to know that any money went toward making her famous in a film…more famous, but I would say it was worth it, it may well inspire some to dedicate their lives, their finances their prayer to the poor, whatever, it was great to sit and weap through this show. Some of the scenes put into slow motion were powerful. Scenes in which she was overwhealmed with compassion for some dying man lying on the roadside, or the scene in which she returned to get a sick man she had driven past on a bus only to find him already dead and taken from his mat. She knelt down, clasped her hasnd together and began to pray – such compassion.
The act of closing hands together in front of your face (as in a child like prayer) was/is done a lot in India. Mother Teresa did it to everyone as a greeting. I recently heard an explanation for it. It is an aknowlegement of the divine within each person. Just thought you wanted to know.

While in Oslo Mother Teresa recieved an award, the Nobel Peace Award, which included $250 000 (which of course she choose to give away to the work of the poor) The king of Norway presented the award, also among the dignitaries at this prestigious night was the President of the world bank [Former US secretary of Defence]. Mother Teresa accepted the prize with dignity and she spoke to the glitery audience of the gritty details of the lives of the poor in Calcutta. She then asked them to cancel the usual post-cerimony dinner and give the money to feed those who had nothing to eat.

I love one of the final scenes in which she was in a board meeting for her organisation in 1995 (2 years before her death). There was Perie mineral water at every spot around the mamoth table. She whispered to a man, “how much is this water per bottle?” “About $3” he said. “My goodness that would educate a child in India for a year”
She stood up and disbanded all her organisation and said she was tired of statutes, Strategy and meetings and wanted to return to the grassroots, just serving the poor.

“We must leave every project for the future in the hand of an Omnipotent God, because yesterday has gone by, tomorrow is not yet here, and today we have only to know, love, and serve Jesus”


5 thoughts on “Mother Teresa The Movie

  1. Mother Teresa was an amazing lady – I have a biography about her that I found very challenging and inspirational. Think I night go back and have another look…What’s the name of the movie?

  2. It certainly was a great movie and it brought me back, especially with the early scenes when her ‘eyes were opened’ to the plight of the poor in India, to the initial overwhelming nature of Bangladesh with the beggars and disabled who crowd public markets and major streets. A movie that is sure to provoke action and continue the impetus of Make Poverty History and Micah Challenge

  3. i also watch this movie “Mother Teresa of calcutta “on CBN.
    very touching, i love the music too, i do not know where i could find the sound track and DVD>
    do you know the website?

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