A moment to be mellow

I have really had very few moments to stop and reflect of late. I have filled my waking moments with many good things, but not the right things. I look back on my blog of late and see many great quotes and extracts from articles and books, all good and interesting, but not reflections really.
I am home tonight looking up resources for an acom assignment when I struck a web site that slapped me in the face. Among many of the comments there was this one from a speech by St Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa)
“We are not social workers. We may be doing social work in the eyes of some people, but we must be contemplatives in the heart of the world”

“If we are contemplatives in the heart of the world with all its problems, these problems can never discourage us… I want you to find the poor here, right in your own home first. And begin love there. Be that good news to your own people first. And find out about your next-door neighbors. Do you know who they are?”

In fact the whole website blew me away. So the rest of the night will be slow and reflective!
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