What’s Wrong With The Church?

Interesting to note – Sy Rogers, speaker at Whitford’s 2Inspire conference on at present at Lake Joondalup Baptist, has made occassional comments on some of the below posted topics while speaking over the last couple of days.
I was not present in his session today which was titled the same as this post, but from what I hear he began to hit the nail right on the head with some of his comments.
He made reference to his very positive relationship with Al Hirsch and recommend his brilliant book “The Shaping of Things to Come”. He suggested it was a prophetic book for the future of the church!!!!
If you were in his session today could you add to this blog comments on this session and some of the points he raised please?

Why was I not there you ask? I have brain overload and have failed to reflect effectivly on the input I have gained at Forge conference as yet, so adding more input will very quickly become overflow without ever having been retained!!
So I met with my mentor today and he sent me blogging! Yes, I need to pour out my stuff he said and if blogging works then get blogging he said!


5 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With The Church?

  1. whats up with you? No posts for a fortnight then bam! Half a dozen of them…

    Anyway, Sy was great, and it was good of him to give Al and Frosty some free publicity for their book.

    Best illustration? Farmers know there is no harvest without getting dirty, but Christians stay in church culture for fear of getting dirt on them by venturing into the fields….no harvest without getting dirty…

    And the good news is that if we do happen to get dirt on us, Christ can wash it off anyway.

  2. Sy was great! one of the best, most profound, most articulate communicators around. There were a number of similarities between some of the themes from the Forge conference and what Sy spoke about. One obvious one was his emphasis on the “church” reaching out to, loving and listening to those who are on the “edges/fringes/margins” of society. Easy to talk about, difficult to do!

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