Connected Conversations

I keep having conversations about many new and different things, seemingly unconnected, but they are not. Every now and again the dots get joined and whamo I get this revelation that God is up to something bigger than I have ever been a part of in my life!

Examples (I plan to draw this on a white board one day and join the dots literally!)
1. Issues of the Environment (Water use, oil consumption, recycling etc)
2. Community/Common/Village type Living

Now just take these two seemingly unrelated issues and let me join them.
1. The coming world oil shortage and massive increase in costs related to travel, energy outut etc will cause people to be forced to make massive changes in the way they work and travel and use resources.
Meaning – people will be forced back into working from or at least closer to home…back into their COMMUNITY, and as a result urban planners will begin to design suburbs to look more like little villages.
In those little communities, due to the fact that it costs too much to generate and send power en mass to ‘the burbs’, so we will encouraged to be responsable for generating at least a percentage of our own power, maybe from clusters of solar pannels shared between a handfull of homes. Also shared between homes may well be water tanks and I could go on…but my point?

2 conversations, 1 about community living, and the other about environmental issues, end up at the same place.
Now add to that a conversation about…say…downshifting, having more time at home, or giving a greater commitment to your local community for the purpose of mission/evangelism and you begin to get a picture of a series of conversations that are in fact not a series of different conversations but in fact one big conversation, had at many different times with many different people at many different depths!
Social Justice, Refugees, Discipleship, Poverty, Christian response to war and violence, Consumerism, the way we do church, Wellbeing, Oppression, Worship, Art, Work, Business, I bet I could draw this and draw a kind of mind map type deal all over the place and connect all these conversations by common links! You think?


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