Situation worsens in Zimbabwe

We have received reports of increased violence against citizens in Zimbabwe. One report was of police dismantling market stalls in the streets of Bulawayo and confiscating all the traders’ goods. These stalls are not illegal and the traders are usually poor rural folk who have brought goods to sell in the city in order to survive. Another report details “100 riot police with AK’s and bulldozers demolishing houses because they are too close to the airport, yet these houses have been standing for many years.” The BBC’s Themba Nkosi says that Police in Zimbabwe have fought running battles with residents of one of the oldest townships of the second city, as they demolished illegal structures. Makhokhoba in Bulawayo was the centre of resistance to colonial rule. A police spokesman said that more than 20,000 structures had been destroyed and 30,000 arrested in the three-week nationwide operation. The opposition says “Operation Murambatsvina [Drive out rubbish]” is punishment for urban dwellers who mostly voted against the ruling Zanu PF party in March elections. President Robert Mugabe said it is needed to “restore sanity” to Zimbabwe’s towns and cities. The crackdown, which the United Nations says has left some 200,000 people homeless, has been condemned by Zimbabwe’s churches, teachers and doctors. Zimbabwe’s teachers’ association said it had been a “catastrophe”. There is grave concern for the people of Zimbabwe. Already the economic situation and drought is placing the community at extreme risk, basic commodities such as bread and milk are difficult to find. Lines for fuel snake around city blocks and still there is little or none on sale. Vice President of the World Convention Mr. B.J. Mpofu who lives in Bulawayo and is an elder of Makhokhoba Church of Christ, has asked that we place an urgent call for prayer before our people, he says; “please do not allow Zimbabwe to become another Rwanda, we need your prayers for God to intervene.”


2 thoughts on “Situation worsens in Zimbabwe

  1. i wonder why President Bush & Prime Ministers Howard and Blair don’t see it necessary to remove Zim’s president Mugabe from rule – like they did Saddam Hussein from Iraq.

    I don’t think there is any argument that the atrocities commited by this madman are any less than hussein.

    maybe it only happens when a nation is sitting on resources that the USA needs, like, let’s say…. oil?

  2. We have a missionary team from Thornlie CoC that have only just arrived over there in the last week or so. We would appreciate prayer for their safety as they seek to do God’s work in this troubled area…

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