Down and out

Big weekend. Come down off the other side of it. Really DOWN off the other side of it.
I learnt some years ago to ‘sit in it’ as it has a purpose, so here I sit, feeling like … not very ‘uppy’.
Mostly I think we (Christian folk) don’t allow depression. We think it’s naughty or bad or a sign you are not right with God.
Maybe it’s just the opposite.
So go away ya mug and let me be depressed!


6 thoughts on “Down and out

  1. From an article entitled “winter” by windblown, from the Faith archives at

    “Evangelical Christianity doesn’t believe in winter, either; it’s against our religion. There are only three seasons; the excitement of spring as we start a new work, the intensity of summer as it grows, and most especially, harvest time; success. There is never a season that people shouldn’t be fruitful; giving money, serving in the church, witnessing, doing…

    We don’t really believe in winter, when the once productive ground lies fallow, and we must live in faith off of the accumulation of the past, trusting God to bring spring.

    How we struggle against winter. Academics are at risk from depression during their ‘sabbaticals.’ Former career driven moms suffer post career blues, and envy their childless peers. Ministries that once flourished work harder and smarter, but somehow they don’t work.

    God made winter. He made a time for withering and dying.

    God made winter so that one day there can be spring.

    It is winter, the harvest is over.
    The cold wind withers the branches that no longer bear any fruit.
    The bare trees stand ready for new growth.
    Slowly the freeze and thaw sifts the soil.
    Snow falls deep on far away mountains,
    deep enough to keep the rivers running through the heat of summer.
    The ground lies fallow, resting.”

    snuggle in Vawz

  2. I was discussing depression with my regular psychologist guest on air today. (We’ll continue the discussion just after 10:00am next Tuesday.)

    We had a few callers ring in with their experiences. One Christian guy had a pretty tough story about his ongoing battle.

  3. I have noted many people around my community in various degrees of depression, and it is caused by a plethora of triggers which makes it very difficult to prevent. Last night at Southcoast we hosted Dr Lachlan Dunjey, who is an Christian Doctor, come and talk to our church about how to care for those who suffer from Depression. I think we all suffer from it to varying degrees, so for all of us to know what to do to help is wonderful. I filmed the seminar, so if you want a copy of the tape, i’ll get it to you…
    I pray that God will bless you through this time mate!

  4. Good question to ask (not just during depression) Vawz is what is the Holy Spirit trying to say to you right now?

    I reakon depression is hardest when you don’t feel like you’re hearing from God, but when you can hear, then there’s a sense of peace despite how your feeling.

    Soak it up!

    I remember a wise grasshopper master once saying, “Much growth in valley, little growth on top of mountain”

    Maybe God needs your attention right now, instead of the 1000 plus young people down south.

    Love ya Vaws,

  5. Just remember that there are heaps of people around who love you and would do anything for you.

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