No Place For Torture

To say I was disturbed at reports from Abu Ghraib prison some months ago now of US soldiers Lynndie England, Charles Graner (and others) torturing prisoners is an understatement.
I was sickened.
Is there ever a place to torture anyone for information that may save many other lives?
The means does not justify the end.
To hear one US senator comment at the time of the torture revelations, “It’s not so much that I am surprised at the torture, I am surprised at the fuss it has caused in the media, these people [Iraqis] flew their planes into our buildings” – Now that comment would have to make anyone sick to the stomach!
This past “The Weekend Australian” had an article on page 20 of The Inquirer section titled “Torture is not The Answer” – Well worth the read. Here are some quotes and thoughts from the article…
Last week an article was published by a couple of researchers from Australia’s own Deakin University defending the use of torture. In the article they argue any society has the right and and in fact the moral obligation to the use of torture and the use of ‘lethal force’ to extract information that may save lives. They call for the legalisation of what they name the “reasonable application of pain”. They are seemingly uncaring about occassions in which it is unproductive, one of the researchers is quoted as saying, “If you don’t get information you don’t get information”. The foundation of their ‘smart’ argument is simply – ‘It works’. Good ethical framework!! NOT!
This actually is wrong, It does not. Under pain people will say anything, right or wrong, just to stop pain. And the other side is, what of fanatics and those ‘sold out’ to their belief. They will go through anything to stand for what they believe in – even death. (Just read Fox’s Book of Martyrs.)

Our own sordid history throughout the dark ages (so rightly named) used torture. The Spanish Inquisition in which we (Christians, or those claiming to work for Christ) would among many other things pull out fingernails of the Jihadist (Muslim) to break him down…for Christ.

The horror of torture is magnified by the realisation that this is being done to me by another human being.” says Pearson of The Australian. This violates, not just the freedom I claim as a citizen of my country or my faith, but this violates my human rights. One human should never turn so evil as to inflict such repeated atrocity upon another human.

This entire issue of torture has me angry. When I saw the pictures of humans leading humans around like dogs, when I read of some of the acts that these soldiers made their fellow humans perform, when I read about what people have done to others in the name of Christ and the cause of the ‘mighty Christendom’, I cringe, I am embarrased that the name of Christ is carried to justify such evil. The very fact that George W Bush talks of a ‘just war’, and claims “God told me to go to war”.
He must have missed the bit when God told him to “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”


13 thoughts on “No Place For Torture

  1. i’ll throw my hat into the ring on this one…

    “no” to war or violence.

    based on the same passages Vawz cited, as well as “turn your other cheek”. jesus was a non-violence revolutionary, no doubt about it (i’m ready for the temple table kicking verse as a rebuttal….)

  2. Peace out man – just peace!!! I was just chasing clarification dude, not to start a fight cause that would be like the other end up on peace man!

  3. I recently watched “Ghandi” and was amazed at how he could change the world through peacful protest. He never raised a fist in anger but was able to change laws in Sth Africa and help give India indepenence. He’s an inspiration.

  4. sorry berger man, i just, like … freaked out when you started getting all suspicious-like and paranoid… but i’m cool now. cool like ice, man. breathe, yeah man… breathe

  5. Matthias can’t quite see where Mr Bergs was suspicious-like and paranoid, I think you need to loose the drugs dude!
    Yeah, I am a peace, anti-violent kinda guy along the lines of some the great wariors for peace (or maybe that is a bad metaphor (Gardeners for peace?)- Jesus, Ghandi, MLK, the disciples of Christ, mostly the first 300 years of the church leadership…What ever happened after the Roman Emperor Constantine? Recommended reading on some of this stuff – Mere Discipleship by Lee C Camp – Best book of 2005 in my vote.

  6. what drugs?!!! if God made it man…. then he obviously meant for us to USE IT, man…… ohhh yeah…

  7. ohhhh I am feeling all cuddly, this is just like old times…only much different…I can hear a song coming on…
    “We’re together again…”

  8. sorry to interfere with the little male love bubble you’ve got going but this chickie got asked a curly question by one of the year 7 kiddies in christian ed on this topic today and i promised him an answer for next week. so, three wise men, i’m after your thoughts…

    kid said: wasn’t jesus against violence?
    me: yeah
    kid: and isn’t jesus god?
    me: yeah
    kid: so how come god kills so many people in the old testament and what’s with animal sacrifices (dosn’t god like animals?) and what’s with moses going to kill his son?

    any remotely logical thoughts would be greatly appreciated -charlie

  9. To anonymous…

    By day we are friends virtually!!! But by night we are non-violent ninja’s who save the world from Captain Consumerism……….. I don’t really know where I’m going with this…………….boys…help me out….

    Sorry charlie, good question you ask!

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