Fair Go

Bought my first lot of Fair Trade coffee this week. Took a few shops before I found what I was looking for. Some had run out, some were yet to stock it, but I found it in Mt Lawley.
Why buy?
I feel if there is someting I can do in some small way to make some little coffee farmer get a better deal that might just have ramification on his family and even his village then I will do it!
3 cents from every $3 cup of coffee normall goes to the grower, the primary producer!
So I think – why not!


3 thoughts on “Fair Go

  1. every little bit counts I reckon – good on ya for hunting the fair trade stuff down. If you ever go through town the Oxfam shop on Hay St is pretty well stocked too.
    Broady (couldn’t work out how to get a password etc!)

  2. Whether 10c goes to the growers of the coffee or $2.50 why not drink water and give your total $3.00 to village where the coffee gets produced? $3 doesn’t seem much but 5 coffees a week could amount to over $250 a year which could do a whole heap!

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