More On Consumerism

We are slaves to our gadgets, puppets of our power, and prisoners of our security. the theme of our generation is , “Get more, know more, and do more,” instead of, “Pray more, be more, and serve more.”
Billy Graham.


3 thoughts on “More On Consumerism

  1. im posting this comment on my pc whilst reading an email on my laptop and listening to a sermon on my fancy phone/mp3/diary 😉

    is there a 12 step program for gadget adictions? I have a problem! I believe in a higher power! help me!

  2. I remember James Bond growing up and how gadgets saved the world from enevitable doom…and gadgets attracted the ladies too! I wonder if this is why they are now soo addictive? 😉 We all wanna be like James Bond.
    I had a gadget once…until it broke and I lost all my stuff in the memory, I now have a paper diary and a biro to write all my appointments down, may look really old school, but no malfuctions and lost time re-writing or re-sync-ing appoinments!
    Oh, and I want the so called ‘brick’ I just upgraded back! The new phone doesn’t charge and keeps dropping out on me…all these problems with gadgets…maybe someone’s trying to tell me something??? 🙂

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