Pentecost Celebration

Well after arriving home from kalgoorlie I entered a fantastic experience of Pentecost Sunday. Our small group gathered at our house all dressed in Red, bearing gifts of red food, red wine and red cordial…and lollies!
We had a creative time together with kids as well, all celebrating different aspects of the day of Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit.
Red is the traditional church’s colour for this festival. We watched some of the Acts video, we had kids and adults bring some traditional Pentecost Sunday readings and prayers (St Augustine), and we lit candles, spinkled red rose petals (Italian tradition), we had people testify to what the Spirit was doing in their lives, we sang and listened to music, we turned on ceiling fans and red streamers fell from them and we painted our thoughts and feelings of the day and our learnings about God and His Spirit.
The pictures are seen below (and above!).
Thanks to all who participated, it was great fun and I know I learnt lots…mainly from the kids!


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