Off for the weekend

I am heading off to visit the youth scene in Kalgoorlie. I fly up at 11am Frid and return Sunday morning. I will be speaking at a youth together event, then some leadership training Sat. It’s funny feeling that you are between 2 paradigms, I never quite know what to preach on!

But here’s a thought from one of my favorite guys around, Eugene Petersen –
In the presence of the beautiful we intuitively respond in delight, wanting to be involved, getting near, entering in-tapping our feet, humming along, touching, kissing, meditating, contemplating, imitating, believing, praying. Painted prayers; sung prayers; danced prayers. It’s the very nature of our senses to pull us into whatever is there-scent, rhythm, texture, vision…(and most) exquisitely beauty that finds its fulfillment in the human face.
How cool is that???
It’s from Leap Over a Wall.
A pretty deep, poetic book of Petersen’s that my brother bought from Canada when he studied at the very excellent Regent College. I can’t believe he didn’t get the master to sign it! Borrow it from me if you like.

One thought on “Off for the weekend

  1. Wow! Regent College! A good friend of mine is a professor there, Dr Rikk Watts. If you can get a hold of his stuff you would most certinaly be interested Scotty! Mind blowing intellegence!

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