Great Conversations

Was playing with the dog on the front lawn last week when a young lady stopped to pat Max. We got chatting about her life etc. Due to recent ‘relational issues’ she is needing accomodation in my area. I told her I would check it out with a friend who has some rentals. We talked about life in joondalup and issues of community.
I saw her yesterday, and asked how she got on with my leads – no joy there, but found something else as potential.
She said her mum wants her to move to Alice Springs, but she not want to and ‘has faith it will work out for the best’.
I asked what that faith was based on.
She said on history, it always has worked in the past.
I asked who or what she thought had controled the history that seemed to have worked in her favour.
She said ‘um, God …I guess…”
I asked where her concept of God had come from.
She said a catholic upbringinig, but it all fell apart upon her parents divorce with the way the church treated her folks. She is ‘over organised religion’.
I said, I know how you feel about religious stuff, it all gets so complicated.
She asked if I had a faith too.
I shared that I had ‘a pretty serious thing going with Jesus.
But I am learning to seperate the person of Jesus from the Church run by man.’
I shared that I thought it was good for believers to meet together but to aknowledge that we are human and it’s not the church we are called to follow but Christ.
She was facinated, I was having a great time – I LOVE THESE CONVERSATIONS!
She asked what involvement I had had in church…
Well, as a pastor for almost 10 years!
She almost fell over.
“And I have been bagging out he church for the last 15 minutes, oh my God!”
After we stopped laughing, we chatted some more about my ‘Life Group’ and our journey in this, she was amazed and maybe interested in coming along some time.

I love being free to sit on my lawn and have these amazing conversations!


3 thoughts on “Great Conversations

  1. That’s awesome Scott. Good on you. I love being able to gain insights into intentional conversation starters as well. Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope she does come. Would be great to meet her.

  2. i’ve got this gorgous neighbour who reminds me of my grandma. he’s some kind off self professed ‘backsliden’ catholic. he’s teaching me all about the saints at the moment. far out they’re amazing. what they did with their lives is so inspiring. he made a gold and completey unprovoked comment today, “what’s with religion and being indoors, outdoors is much better, god is much more obvious when your outside” classic. -charlie

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