God’s Politics

I am reading a book by Jim Wallis called God’s Politics. It’s reviewed here on an Aussie site, here is a quote that is relevant with our recent “Rich get richer poor get the picture” pathetic budget.

Rather than being a political football, poverty is a deep spiritual and moral issue. Rather than separating moral and economic issues, Wallis is adamant that budgets are moral documents.

In the US, Wallis points to President Bush’s tax cuts for the rich and welfare cuts for the poor. While we can take comfort that Australia does not experience either the poverty as seen in the US, or the blatant government action exacerbating it, there are plenty of questions to be asked of the Howard Government in terms of its tax and welfare reforms – not to mention its treatment of asylum seekers (surely Jesus had them in mind when he quoted Isaiah in Luke 4:18).


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