No Good and Good

Funny really isn’t it? Good and not good. Not all good seems good and not all bad seems bad. In fact sometimes that which is bad has all the taste sight sound and smell of good, and in fact is ‘good’ but really isn’t.
We taste the good and the bad every day, sometimes it all just tastes the same.
I often talk about ‘living in the tension’.
This zone that says, “yes, I know I would like to be over there, but right now I am here”
Not always striving to be ‘there’, just saying to yourself “I know ‘there’ is there and I would like to be ‘there’, but I am not, I will stumble and crawl to ‘there’, I will walk and jog to ‘there’, but I am not ‘there’, I am here, not perfect, not evil, just feeling my way in the dark or the pale light”
I like it, it’s dangerous, fun, interesting and … here.

Along the way – confused yet?


One thought on “No Good and Good

  1. no…i have life completely figured out (!!)

    no guarentees i guess.

    and a bit like you i’m loving the journey 🙂

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