A Blog Holiday

I have been considering how much St Gaz must be missing all the action in the blogoshere of late. If you read blogs, you will know St Gaz has been on a blog fast for Lent. I happen to think he has not missed too much at all, in fact he has been busy starting his new Church, building relationships and pouring wine.
So today I decided I too will fast for one month from entries to my blog. I will still read other blogs as I use this as a form of keeping up to date with some people I coach.
Instead I will read books and study.
I am studying Faith Based Community Work (Dave Andrews) for my degree, I didn’t finish it last year and need to do so.
I bought 3 books today.
1. Mere Discipleship by Lee C. Camp subtitled Radical Christianity in a Rebelious World.
2. Trinity – A New Living Spiritualityby Joseph F. Girzone (a favorite Catholic author of mine)
3. Leadership Wisdom from unlikely Voices by Dave Fleming (Emergent YS) One book I am really interested in getting into as it relates to some of my questions on leadership from a recent post. He looks at leadership advice not from a motivation, teambuilding or some other overdone techinque or topic, but rather looks at Nouwen, Augustine, Underhill, Benedict and others.
(I am also reading a book of short stories by Winton, as well as his ‘Riders’, but that’s just for the Easter break!)

So – see you all in a month.


3 thoughts on “A Blog Holiday

  1. Heh. I am not sure fasting from writing and not readin is the issue! Anyway, happy holiday. PS – I’m gonna ring you about Catalyst stuff…

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