Movie Endorsment

There is a Christian Porn movie out from the makers of the worlds first and leading Christian porn site. (true, check it out!) I use their software on my computers.
The Movie is called Missionary Positions. I have followed these guys for a while, they seem right out there in a great way!! I look fwd to the movie making it to Perth.

Have a look at this letter they recieved from a unsaved critic –

Your film did something far more important than talk about pornography. It gave four agnostics a new point of view on Christians. Yesterday afternoon I went to see Missionary Positions with two scientist friends from Stanford and another sculptor. We all thought we were going to see a sardonic documentary about the history of the church and pornography; EG pornographer comes along publishes magazine, church tries to burn him at stake, and when that fails shots him.
We entered the room wearing our contempt for the church on our AI and Stanford sweatshirts. Sat down and found you guys. You were amazing. We are not accustomed to Christians who were not trying to legislate our bedrooms, bomb our neighborhood planed parenthoods, or convince us to tar and feather our gays. The fact that you are against our Saturday night entertainment didn’t bother us a bit. Mostly because as much as we enjoy porn with our respective spouses, and alone, we all agreed that donkey videos are disgusting. At least we have common ground there.
I just wanted to let you know that you have complicated the argument for the four of us. We couldn’t walk out of your movie the same people we went in as. Perhaps our antireligious rhetoric will echo a little softer through the hallowed halls of our academic temples. -Sincerely

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