The Return (ptIII)

You wil not believe this. I am walking my friend through the blog today just showing him some previous posts, including the saga of…yes – the mouse! And what should run up the wall outside the dining room, right above my BBQ? Yes the grandpappy of all the dead mice. Yep, and I think (i’m not sure) but I think I saw him hesitate, turn, and look me in the eye with a kind of “I know who you are and I know what you’ve done to my family and I dare you to catch me” kinda look.

The gloves are off!

This means war!

Maybe I should call in the best domestic animal killer I know…has anyone got Matty Barts phone number????


2 thoughts on “The Return (ptIII)

  1. from what i have picked up on the blogwaves, you might want to hide your dog before letting him lose…. 🙂

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