Morning Prayer?

St Ignatius suggests a ‘prepatory prayer’ before entering your reflection time and day. I use it in my Sacred Space devotions.

Lord, I so wish to prepare well for this time. I so want to make all of me ready and attentive and available to you.Please help me to clarify and purify my intentions.I have so many contradictory desires.I get preoccupied with things that don’t really matter or last.I know that if I give you my heart,whatever I do will follow my new heart.In all that I am today, all that I try to do,all my encounters, reflections – even the frustrations and failingsand especially in this time of prayer,in all of this may I place my life in your hands.Lord, I am yours. Make of me what you will. Amen.
Cool hey! Simple, but nice.

2 thoughts on “Morning Prayer?

  1. Such a simple prayer Scott, yet I believe so moving to the heart of God. He just loves it when we lay it all down so simply, with pure motives.

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