In a Rush to Slow Down?

Has the irony of it ever occured to you? That recent posts from me and others have impressed upon us the ‘urgency to slow down’!
I mean, to suddenly change your life-style and radically slow down to ‘allow God to catch up’ as I blogged recently could well be doing the opposite of what it’s all about, well maybe.

But I have talked a bit about living in the tension, in fact I have been living, sleeping, eating and drinking the tension over the past week, plenty of tension, mainly between the emergents and the traditionalists (great generalisation sorry). But I am constantly meeting with people who struggle to live in one and allow others to live the other or struggle to find a happy medium or struggle with people who think you should find a happy medium or people who live in one but who’s heart’s long for the other or…you get me.

I read this article today, sent to me from a friend…on one of these sides of the fence (and although we hate ‘sides’ lets face it there are two general views on doing church at the moment!), I thought the ‘struggle’ the ‘wrestle’ was put well.
A few teasers for you –

I wondered, Why aren’t more people calling forth patience and humility from young church leaders? Why aren’t more people sharing the virtues of limping with a generation fixated on sprinting?

As a young church leader myself, I hear a lot about pursuing one’s passion, being an agent of change, and breaking out of the box of the modern church—it’s all about sprinting. There are countless voices inspiring young leaders to stand up and take charge. Who is calling us to sit down and take our time? How many burned out, but gifted, young men and women would still be in ministry if they had heard this countercultural message?

The article.


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