Got It!! Mouse Story Pt III

Last night we returned from a long weekend down Margaret River way, an interesting weekend in terms of conversations that’s for sure!
But upon returning home I discovered that my little friend the mouse had become accustomed to our absence and decided to use the gap between my polycarb sheeting and the shade cloth as a running track. The dog was going insane, jumping on the table and planter box trying to get close to the small creature running mad on the shade cloth. Trap number two was still laying set and untouched. Trap one still laying where I had left it after removing the mummy mouse and placing her into the bin.
Tonight over dinner I thought as I gazed at my plate, “I wonder if that mouse would like this corn?” So I popped out to the patio and stuck a bit firmly onto the trap, set it and went out for the evening to coach a couple who are getting married soon.
Upon my return 30 minutes ago I peered over the BBQ to see my little friend squwished under the spring of the trap with my bit of corn still hanging from his mouth!
Mission accomplished! (I think!)
I have lit my citronella candle on my big home made outdoor table (just like survivor!) and set up my laptop adjacent to the dead mouse and I hearby am deadicating this post to my mouse.


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