Emerging Church…Moving towards or Running From?

Again my friend from Submerge has posted an amazing article on moving foward in the Emergent Church.
How’s this for a quote

true mission, someone in wisdom has noted is
‘finding out what God is doing and getting behind it’
Eddie Gibbs is quoted extensivly within the article. Eddie has just been contracted by us at .acom to write matterial and present some classes this year.
How’s this on short term mission –
Short-term “raiding parties” are ineffective and counter-productive. In theological terms, the approach is incarnational in emphasis, which means a long-term commitment, the building of deep friendships, the sharing of pain and discerning the signs of God’s presence within the cultural context.

2 thoughts on “Emerging Church…Moving towards or Running From?

  1. the only real use i see of short term trips is to help out those on the ground for the long term with practicle stuff. Buildings, training etc. Not to actually go and try and ‘evangelize’ the neighbourhood then nick off home to our dvd’s and blogs… 🙂

  2. to take it further roo, the community development model would suggest that the indigenous people of the mission “site” more often than not, have the ability to come up with the best solution for their own needs.

    btw – went to a TEAR presentation the other night and they are clear about the fact that their short-term trips are called “exposure trips” – emphasising the purpose is to expose those on the trip to the work that is already happening in the field. i like.

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