New Business

Picked up some new business today for Coaching Specialties with a big organisation in Perth. It’s in the area of leadership training and team development. I got all bold when they asked me to put a quote in. I spoke honestly but…umm…confidently about my skills. I am a trained Behavioural Consultant (that means I’m fully qualified to administer and diagnose the D.I.S.C. programme) And I do know something about the other thing I mentioned, the MAXIMIZERS material, my business is loosely connected with Di from FAA who holds the licence for all this in Australia.
Plus I quoted up the top end of the guys spectrum for my price. He had others putting in quotes and good ol’ me lands the job.
A weeny 2 hour job…but who knows what will happen in the future as a result of this? I never look at any job like it could be just a one off, if I do it brilliant it could be the start of something…beautiful…something good…sounding like a song…hmmm I have to meet the guy this Friday, I have to know what I will say by this Friday! Well lets see what happens hey!!

I don’t do a lot of work for Coaching Specialties, I get busy with .acom and Youth Vision and loose CS in the traffic sometimes. I guess I am paid to work for them so I do have to honour them first and formost, but a bit of extra work keeps me tuned in and better reved up for my other 2 employers I think.

Anyway, my glass of Jacobs Creek Merlot is all but gone, so that must mean it’s time for bed!!


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