Diet Up-Date

By the way I am down to 85.5kg
That is not bad considering the junk I have consummed of late including yum chaa with Steve Said, Matty B and Dr Paine over lunch today.
I started on Jan 6, you may remember if you are a regular, I weighed in at 92kg.
My target is 84kg.
My reward was to go down to Urban Records or Live and spend a spit load of cash on some nice clothes…Funny, somewhere along the line I lost some desire…no that would be wrong. I would have to say I just think I would better spend those massive dollars elsewhere, the desire to blow money I really don’t have on things I really don’t need is fully there, but I think what’s feeding that desire is a consumeristic cancer that I seem to carry around on the inside! hmm Wide screen.


4 thoughts on “Diet Up-Date

  1. well done scotty. i’m trying to buff up at the moment (and that’s buff up not chubb up!!)i’m up to 57.3kg. haven’t quite worked out a target weight yet – maybe i should go 85 to? waduyarekon? think i might need a bit more testosterone. – charlie

  2. things are good all round bro – with my new regime of walkin to and from work 3 days a week, i’ve gone from 107kg to 102kg in the ppast couple of months. i am excited that it is a sustainable exercise too – something that i can do well into retirement. looking forward to dropping below the ton for the first time in about 4 years. (stopping gym training is no doubt helping too!)

    and btw – wife has now hit the 30kg weight dump – she is a champion

  3. “Exercise is good for the soul,” they say. Mum always said, “A well balanced lifestyle of eating well and exercise is the key to good health” and the extra endorphines swimming around the in old blood stream does wonders for helping you feel great (You taught me that mate, remember?). You’ll feel great and do all the things you want to do…she-dab-de-deep-doop-de-boosee-Woow! (Old ad jingle from a while back) I’ve found walking to work and consuming less caffene has done wonders for me as well the past couple of weeks! You’ve inspired me to have a go and loose a few kilos myself!
    Cool crusin’ & God pleasin’

  4. i’m looking forward to a lovely lunch of hungry jacks….

    of course, when i was 17 is was about 65kg and skinny as, now at 83kg i could lose a few, probably around 75-78 would be good for me…..still big enough to push little ppl around 😉

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