You Annointith My Capith With Oil

After finishing at Whitford some 2 and a bit years ago I have chosen to distance myself from too much up front stuff. If they ask me to preach I have done so. But spontaneous stuff like praying for people down the front when an altar call is done, sharing stuff in an open mike etc I have distanced myself from for various reasons I don’t need to go into today, nothing major though.
Today at church a funny thing happened. A call for people to come fwd and be annointed with oil and healing etc was given.
As usual I was quite happy to remain in my place and pray quietly.
Our Senior Pastor, Mark has been ill and he stepped fwd for prayer, one of the other pastors tapped me on the shoulder and said “I want you to pray for Mark”. Nothing like going from nothing, to praying for the Senior Pastor. This was great.
But then on my way back to the seat, someone with the oil caught my eye, thrust the ‘oil can’ into my hands and said ‘go for it’. I turn and the first young guy standing there was a great young guy called Craig, hat on, eyes closed…I ‘lube up’ with a bit of oil on my finger to make sign of a cross on his head…aghh there is a hat there…um maybe on his chest…no, light cotton shirt, may stain with oil…um…”Lord I know it says ‘you annoint my head with oil’, but will, ‘annoint my hat with oil’ be okay?”
So at Whitford today we had our first Billabong annointed cap!! I made the sign of the cross over the label on the front of his cap and went on to pray.

A few people saw me do it and cracked up…talk about a baptism of fire back into the ‘ministry of the front’.


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