Postcards from Tomorrow

Last night was the big night. Steve Said, the panel, Dr Fong on lead vocals etc etc.
It was the first event kind of thing I have pulled off for a while. I get real nervous when I have to do these type of things, I am so not a organiser. I think I am organisationally burnt if their is such a thing. After a few years in a local church that was big on events and organising stuff (that I don’t think I ever did too well even then) I try to avoid running much at all these days. But opportunity showed it’s little head and I grabbed it.
Went okay really. Apart from the fact that I expected 40, rsvp’d 60 and ended up with over 100! Warehouse cafe worked for their money! (Jane down there should get a medal, she’s tops!)
Steve Said was good, plenty of heavey stuff in a short amount of time. They guy thinks…well he just thinks, he’s amazing!
Then the panel, with a good mix of different people from different backgrounds.
Everyone was ‘nice’ to each other, Bonnie asked John B that if we all decide to just agree on the basics (Jesus and his word) then we would all get on okay, then why is it that George Bush Jr and I agree on Jesus and his word but I have no desire to get on with him…he drops bombs!!
Interesting point!
We had a couple of other slightly warm points when a girl stood and shared that she was not a follower of Christ and was findingit all a bit hard to follow. We hadn’t factored her into our target audience, nor a Catholic friend, but regardless, it all came together to make some fairly light, non contriversial discussions. Good start for many people there. I knew that many were “emerging missional church virgins”, this was some of their first exposure to this sort of thing and the last thing I think they needed was a bun fight about all that is wrong with the church…and “the church is crap and so am I” so says Steve Said!

We could go deeper, more specific, but I wonder if that’ s what Forge exists for. I wonder if events like these are simply teasers for events like this weekend intensive with Forge.

I must say I did enjoy my mate Rob’s comments about the fact that their church has spent hundreds and thousands of dollars feeding and clothing the poor and have seen less that a handfull ‘saved’. “Bad investments”, many have said! “You could employ a few staff to ‘be more effective in outreach” many have said. He said, this is true, but they never set out to save all those they feed, simply to be obedient to the the call of Christ to love and do something about the poor, the fact that some got saved was an absolute bonus. – Champion!


2 thoughts on “Postcards from Tomorrow

  1. had the Lehmanns in today, the ones who actually run that program. Interestingly they mentioned that 80% of the church congregation from which this activity happens would never have given a cent or lifted a finger to help…..

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