In a Dark Room on our Retreat

I know I know I said I’d be gone for a week…I found a dark little room in a beautifully restored section of the Benadictine Monastary and in it are 2 computers both on broadband…love these modern monks!
Dave Illingworth and I are sitting here in the dark with the glow of the screens in our faces chatting away about blogs, computers, emerging churches, Hammo the legend who was up here today doing a Forge spot…what else? Nothing much.
Whooo gotta tell you. The New Norcia Hotel does the best steak burgers you could ever hope for!
Good bunch of students this year. I have started my new Spiritual Formation Group tonight for .acom. They are great. The only time we could all find time to meet was at 7am in the morning on a Thursday….aghhh crap, just as I wrot ethis I remembered I take Sophie to school on Thursdays, what a pain!!! Agh life as a parent, gotta love it.

Back to my Gregorian chants….


2 thoughts on “In a Dark Room on our Retreat

  1. scott – i think the broadband enabled computers are meant for the monks who spend 99% of their time away from the luxuries of the world – not for the guys who live in it every day and then retreat AWAY from it. you couldn’t help yourself could you?! PS got my motor bike license today – yippeeee. see you friday.

  2. i think calling this broadband is a little over the top…feels more like 56k to me….maybe some sort of permanent isdn or satellite connection?

    Anyway, more chanting to do…

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