In The Shed.

Today St Gaz and I are building a wine rack for his recent collection of fine wines, no doubt purchased at staff rates from his work place!
I love being in my shed, both by myself at night, sanding a chair and listening to the radio and my thoughts, but also and particularly, working with a friend on a project. Today will be the first time in my new house/shed working with a mate, so I think it’s worth a photo!
After arranging with Gaz to build a simple wine rack I met for an brew…of the beer variety not the coffee variety at Fibers in Leederville with Birt Boy. He suggested that I buy a wine barrell next time I head south (next week!) and we cut a face out of it and install a wine rack into the guts of it. Palandri sell them for hundreds of dollars, the full already made wine rack barrells, I think I could do better than that. So Brad and I will spend a day in my shed building another wine rack in a few weeks…Gotta start a small business!
Watch for the photos!


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