Mouse Update

There has to be a moral in this somewhere.
During the night before the oppressivly hot day (Monday night) a small grey mouse must have walked onto one of my UNBAITED traps. I had left it set, just sitting outside next to the BBQ to get them familiar with the site of the traps, lazy to the dangers lurking by the BBQ.
BANG!! Down he went, caught off guard.
There was nothing to tempt him on the trap at all, no doubt he was just wandering back to his home, his wife and kids, when he carelessly wandered onto the danger zone…crack.
The thing was almost snapped in half!
I did not find him until thismorning, Wednesday.
As you may be aware, yesterday was hot, infact as you see from a post I made yesterday it was still around 40 degrees at 7pm last night. So mousy was not a happy chap by the time he was found. I decided against a photo, the maggots were enough of a sight!

Although I know one guy who would have taken a photo…in fact I wonder if he would have taken a photo of my wife’s dog after he pulled the trigger if we had a camera?!!!!!


One thought on “Mouse Update

  1. you’re dead right – infact maybe one day we should get out the old video footage of us and the dog and the gun. surely you’ve told christine about the footage!!!???

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