In The Past and In the Future

More Adventures in Missing the Point –
In the recent past we argued about evolution verses faith. In the emerging culture we may say, “Lets ask if it is possible that evolution may have been a process which God would create in order to create new life forms?”

In the recent past we generaly began our apologetic by arguing for the bibles authority, then used the bible to prove our other points. In the future we’ll present the bible less like evidence in a court case and more like works of art in an art gallery. The bible will become valuable not for what it proves, but for what it reveals.

In the recent past we attempted to explain how evil and suffering can exist in a world created by a good and all powerful God. In the future we’ll return the question to the questioner, maybe something like this: “If you don’t believe in God, then how do you explain evil and suffering-and what meaning or hope can you find in all the injustice?” Or “You’re right: evil is intolerable. It shouldn’t exist. There is no good reason for it, nor can there be. Which is exactly why Christians dedicate ourselves to overcoming it with good.”

In the recent past we talked a lot about absolute truth, attempting to prove abstract propositions about God (for instance, proving the sovereignty of God). In the merging culture, however, we will be much more interested in embodied truth (for instance, how Jesus demonstrated God’s mercy), and we will want to convey real life stories about God-stories from our lives as well as from the bible.

In the recent past we assumed people would come to faith in a linear way, moving along a predictable path, as isolated individuals. In the future we’ll expect people to spiral in on faith, to approach it from many angles at once, and to discover it in community rather than individually. We may well see the process of coming to faith as a wonderful integration of intellect and emotion, experience and reflection, privacy and community, mystery and clarity.

McLaren – From Adventures in Missiong the Point

My Thoughts – Well the bits with itallics are the bits that struck me as being significant. Like the bible being a work of art in a gallery not a text book to prove a point. Don’t you just love that. A work of art designed to reveal, not to prove. I love the serene picture of a person, a romantic looking figure, (Ok make her a blond with long wavy hair if you like…gee you guys!!) Back to the bible, The …person…is sitting on a bench seat in front of a huge painting hung on the wall of the gallery, there is no rope barrier in front, people can walk right up to it if the want to, in fact they are alowed to touch it, feel the texture, almost enter the picture.
She sits engaged, facsinated absorbed into the painting. For a long time she gazes from her seat, her head shifts occasionally from one side to the other. Finally she stands, moves toward the painting, reaches out as if to touch, then hesitates as if there may be some danger involved in the contact. She moves foward, almost into the picture, she runs her hand over the rich textured painting, she catches her breath, a tear rolls down her check and she smiles.
She will return again tomorrow.

Well there you go, that’s a different bible study hey?


3 thoughts on “In The Past and In the Future

  1. the picture you just painted (no pun intended) is probably the most moving account of the bible i have experienced in recent times – i can so imagine being that person (minus the gender and hair clour) – it’s how i feel when i study the bible – thanks for the fresh reminder to help me start a new day. love you big much – matt

  2. I thought you were brilliant or at least inspired as I read this entry till I got to the bottom and discovered you were quoting somebody else, who is either brilliant or inspired!
    I related strongly to the , what we did stuff, it would be good to make the necessary mind-shift to be able to do the new thing.

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