A Must See Movie

A Cut and Paste from Backyard Missionaries, thanks Hammo – I want to be there on opening night!!

Hotel Rwanda and The Passion of the Christ
Here’s a challenging article by Brian McClaren on the movie Hotel Rwanda. It hasn’t made it to Perth yet, but come Feb 24th it will be at the Luna cinema in Leederville so I reckon I reckon I’ll definitely need to drop in and check it out.


One thought on “A Must See Movie

  1. Yo Scotty,

    This is Vikki, remember me, i used to live in Perth. Matt emailed me your blog and i had a bit of spare time so thought i’d check it out!
    So i’m living in London, working and travelling, been to Sweden, Finland and Estonia just last weekend and in 3 weeks i’m going to Copenhagen for a week. Having heaps of fun and meeting heaps of really cool people and basically loving it!!!
    Hope things are going good for all the Vawsers!
    If you want to email me anytime vikkiwilton@hotmail.com
    See Ya
    P.S Sorry this has nothing to do with your must see movie….

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