Movie and Madness

Just watched Denzel Washington give his life for another in “Man on Fire” – good show.
What would I give for another?

I’ve been challenged tonight. To the point that I made some alterations to my last post. My wonderful wife asked me some convicting questions and bam! No need to go into details.

I even hestitate to go on. Sometime to reflect publicly about yourself being evil and self centred can actually have the opposite effect…people think, “wow, he’s good and so honest and wonderful, look how real he is”
I’m not good. I am self centred.
I planned to spend a spit load of money on me when I reached my 84Kg target weight in my diet in the next week or so. I had picked out the trendy little shop in Leederville I was heading to to buy me a new wardrobe.
Target has some specials!! So does our church clothing shop. Who am I to point the finger at anyone about what any person or organisation does with their money until I act on my own convictions, and even then maybe not.



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