Campolo – Messin’ Wit Ya Head

Last night I watched Campolo’s address at last years Surrender 04 (unoh) conference. It was disturbing, challenging, unsettling, and so on.

Think I might plug it in Friday night at the small/big group and see if anyone joins me in the TV room to watch it.

Thing is…if we watch it, start discussing things, we may end up all messed up about issues like feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, housing the homeless, and you see, well I was going to spend my money on a wide screen TV and fashion label clothing. I could do both, just give half to both. I guess the homeless could get half a house…half a meal…half of their clothing…

See what I mean? Watching stuff like this messes you up!

Nah Best thing, don’t expose yourself to this kind of video!

Of course you might end up reading it in the bible. Jesus mentioned more about clothing me and my wardrobe than feeding the poor…ah sarcasm, too low hey – sorry!

Told you – maybe avoid reading your bible without your western culture infected eyes too.

Sorry, the tone of this post is a little synical, It may wear off…few trips to Harvey Norman will fix it! (Or will it?)


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