A Small Problem

Here is my current frustration…

No paperman at 5 in the morning.

No next door neighbour with a radio on at 6.

We have a mouse…or two.

Now this mouse first missed being hit by my trap last week when I loosly placed cheese on it.

Then on the weekend when our group came round for pizza I was advised that cheese never worked with tricky mice, just dumb ones, what I needed to do, so I was told, was put peanut paste on the trap trigger.

I did so. In fact I kept sneaking out to see if I had caught one all that evening.

Now Mikaela, my 8 year old is in on the game too, she was spotting with me.

We went out this morning only to find the peanut paste licked clean and the traps not triggered.

So we tested the traps…ouch – they work!

Tonight I went out to the BBQ (the home base for my mice, or to be precice, the wood pile next to the BBQ…traditional mice, they always live in the wood pile or the hay stack!)

I loaded up the traps with smaller bits of cheese…ok I’m a conservative too, but Arch Bishop Peter Carnley assured us today of the rise of conservatism!

These small bits of cheese are wedged onto the little teeth of the trap…wo to any mice who feed on this night…the end in near for you!!!

Photos to follow…I kid you not, they will be killed and photos will be taken…did I ever tell about the time Matt B shot my wife’s dog?


3 thoughts on “A Small Problem

  1. do you really want to take it there? cause if you do, the missing 2nd dog and the celine dion cd are definitely going to have to be brought up too!

  2. maybe the fact that you’d forced it to swallow an entire packet of Codral day/night tablets meant that it was hallucinating and freakin out so much so that it escaped. rumour has it that a half-rabid, half-wild, half dog-half rodent creature roams the alleys and the streets of beldon at night trying to satisfy a quenchless thirst for revenge. apparently, it has really good sinuses though, and hayfever season isn’t anywhere near the problem it used to be!

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