The Bulletin, Dec 14 04 – I am a man…

I enjoy the Bulletin, enough to see if my early morning paper man would deliver it. (It would slow him down once a week at least!)

I picked up an old issue recently, titled, “Newsmakers 2004 – HE’S BACK. He won elections. He won(and lost) wars. How 2004 became THE YEAR OF GOD.

In it are a few good reads, the rise of penicostalism being one. ‘Oh God’ being another.

But the read of the mag was in the same article The Rise of Penticostalism was in. It was an article about us Aussies. “Australia Where are Ya?”

My comments shall focus on section 3 of the article – “The Death of Individualism – THE UTE MEN.

Here are some great extracts:

“A few weeks back, some 4000 ute drivers lined up at Deniliquin, outback NSW, for a ute party. The ute: an individuals car; one that marks him as a man with his feet on the ground. Yet as the individuals came together, all singularity morphed into a mass…being individual is a nowhere place to be. Gathering in hordes provides assurance that you are not a loner or a freak.” (good reason to keep doing church!)

Well it speaks for itself does it not? I am a man, I drive ute…a black ute.


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