Another late Night

We went out for dinner tonight to Volcanoes (Under new management, Kerry) She and 2 others have 3 resteraunts around the traps.

Went with my brother and Diann Feldman a kind of business coach to us. We pay for dinner from the ample profits from 2004 in our business and she pours the wisdom…in fact what we spent tonight was pretty much it for last years profits!!

It’s great to sit and chat with people who are deeply Godly, committed to their faith community, and who have great business and people sense. She is all of these. What a smart cooky.

Today she worked with a bunch of mostly keen learners in the subject of facilitation of adult learning.

Was received well, almost as well as the cream buns I bought…and di not personally eat as I am on a diet!!!

AGHHHHH Just remembered I ate garlick break with all that butter on!!! Woops.


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