Another Good Day

I love the mornings. Here is my routine;

4.30 – Get disturbed by demon car delivering papers in my street.

4.35 – Sleep.

5.30 – Get disturbed by demon woman next door and her loud radio. (Ann is her name, she has a nice garden, she shows it off to me)

5.35 – Sleep

6.00 – My alarm goes off, it is in the study, so I am forced to leave my bed and go and find it, a clock next to my bed does not work as I hit it and go back to sleep. It would not have gone off last night as the power went out and all the house alarms in the street were going stupid at midnight.

6.10 – I’m on the road withe Max. We take one of those ball throwing devices and it makes him run for a mile! We walk for just short of 1 hour, all around Arena Joondalup, the LJBC school etc and back home past our little lake.

7.00 – Wake up Christine with a cup of tea.

7.05 – I get Breakfast ready outside on my home-made table from an old pine tree. Usually Christine journals and reads her bible while I get the kids breaky, but school holidays, everyone stays in bed while I have the whole big table to myself. I have my laptop out here as I am on wireless, so it works all around the house.

I do some sacred space reflections, and some blog reading and writing.

Today it’s a stunning morning, just gone 8am, kids are up watching cartoons. Smooth brease wrapping itself around me out here under the patio, occassional bird chirps over the back bush, and crickets are singing their wake up calls.

Monday, it’s an ACOM day for me, I work from my home office today. Plenty on, but never enough to kill me. Tonight I have to pick up Diann Feldman from the airport, she is one of Australia’s top Life/Business Coaches, she is over for ACOM for the week, looking fwd to hanging with her.


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