To Church or Not To Church

Hey, for the record…I like church. Not all churches, not always my church, but I like the concept, I believe it is Jesus idea…What it looks like, this thing we call ‘church’ well that seems where we all get confused but loo at these stats I found in a very informative article today.

Dr. David Barrett is Professor for Missionmetrics at Regent Uni, Virginia Beach, and publisher of the World Christian Encyclopedia, He is the major reporter of world trends in mission. His research indicates that there are now 111 million Christians without a local church. According to Barrett, the rise of the so-called “neo-apostolics” is particularly marked, now numbering over 20,000 movements and networks with a total of 394 million church members.

That makes for a lot of people ‘without a church’, I wonder if they are isolated independant mavericks like we might think in our more arrogant moments, or if the definition for what ‘church’ is for them was just a bit ridgid? I don’t know the answer to that, maybe I should read to the end of the article…back to it then!


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