The Butterfly Effect

You know sometimes you watch a movie and for the next 24 hours you keep thinking about it and remembering bits or things keep falling into place?
I felt this with the 6th Sence…and The Castle (well maybe not so much with The castle)

But I watched The Butterfly Effect last night with Dad. We almost got out The Human Stain, but last minute we grabbed The Butterfly Effect and we were glad.
Maybe the ending could have been a bit less ‘Hollywood’ but hey, that’s the movies.
It’s based on the concept of chaos, something that has facinated me since my Mum used to bug me about the state of my bedroom as a kids…that was a joke.
But the whole theory summed up in the statement, something like, “the flutter of a butterflys wings can cause a tornado on the other side of the world” has often captivated me. I think if I’d been given a brain instead of a drain some of my physics might not have slipped through and I would have been a great scientist. The concept of chaos, it’s link with black holes in space, linier time verses…um spacial time? Or whatever the opposite of linier time is (see what I mean!) Like, what if we exist now at a milion different times, like time being parallel. You know, right now I am also living as a 14 year old back then, like back this is still happening. It all happens at the same time, each nanosecond of our life is independant from the other, not follwed by or preceeding the others. So if I could find a way to move through time, not back in time or forward in time that would be the key. You see we have movies like ‘back to the future’ and say we are going back, because we think of time as on a linier continuum. So rather than going back or forward, we pass through (almost sideways kinda) into my parrallel life – me yesterday, me tomorrow, last week, last year etc.

I’m so glad I blog, if I was to have friends around for dinner very few of them would come back again let alone stay for desert with me talk crazy talk like this!


4 thoughts on “The Butterfly Effect

  1. i loved the movie… right up until the end – that was total crap and had a butterfly effect on the rest of the movie for me!!! he should have stayed locked up in a mental institution for the rest of his life – that would have been the perfect ending.

    sounds like your mind could be a pretty crazy place to camp for a few weeks!!! looks like you’re in good company.

  2. i think scott that perhaps for God, we do exist at all times all at once, because he is outside of time. So time isnt linear, its well, not there at all really. But i think we aren’t really equipped to understand it any way, it just gives us headahces. Do u have a headache now? Did you strain yourself with all that crazy talk?
    when we hook up for coffee soon i dont want to have this conversation though ok?

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