A Very Good Morning

It’ s six o’clock…ish. It’s a very good morning…

I am awake, not strange, alarm goes off at six, not today though, I beat it up, in fact most mornings I do. (radios and papermen!)

It’s a stunning morning, little smoke haz around still though, but all in all it is an amazing day. I plan to enjoy this day, no reason, just do. It’s a Youth Vision day for me. This is not a legalistic thing, who I work for on on what days, it just helps me know how my balance is going in a general way. What do I get to do today? Well, I have a car due in for servicing in Osborne Park, so it puts me out of action in terms of mobility, so I plan to take my laptop and some work, maybe a book to read and a list of calls to make and I will wander down to Beachway Church to their cafe and hang there for most of the day.

Normally I walk at 6, the dog is spewing, he saw me make coffee and disappear into the study, but a walk from North City to Beachway and back will make up for it. (not for him though!)

It’s a very good morning…


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